Customized plans


Kendall will create your own, personalized, detailed workout routine, complete with illustration and tips, which will be emailed to you to be used again and again.

  • One work-out routine: $90
  • Two work-out routines: $125
  • Five work-out routines: $200

Programs are designed based upon a telephone consultation, only. Look to “The Home Base,” for an option that includes two “get-togethers” with Kendall.


Understanding your level of fitness and conditioning is a critical component in developing the best fitness program to help you reach your goals. Peak’s Comprehensive Fitness Assessment takes approximately one hour and includes the following:

  • Review of your Health, Lifestyle and Nutrition History
  • Analysis of your heart rate, blood pressure, posture, muscular balance, structural alignment and total body stability
  • Body Composition Assessment – skin fold and circumference measurements are logged to track ongoing progress
  • Cardiovascular Test – a 3-minute step test or a 1.5-mile walk test to determine the strength of your heart’s ability to recover from physical activity
  • Strength Test – push-up and curl-up (sit-up) tests to determine upper body and core strength
  • Various Flexibility Tests to determine total body flexibility and recognize strengths and weaknesses

Finally, photos can be taken so you and Kendall can visually monitor and celebrate your progress



Just need some direction on where to start? The Home Camp is the package for you. Each Home Camp includes a Comprehensive Fitness Assessment, one 1-on-1 training session, and a completely illustrated and detailed written program to take with you to repeat at home on your own.

THE BASE CAMP – $575 (you save over $100 then if purchased separately)

Are you ready to make some gentle steps toward a more fit and healthy you? Are you unsure where to begin a fitness program? Or, do you simply need to tweak your already-existing program? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, the Base Camp may be the right option for you.  It includes:

  • Wellness Consultation
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Nutrition Basics or Shop Smart Consultation
  • Personalized Program Design
  • Six Personal Training Sessions
  • Minimum of Two Training Sessions per week

Kendall will teach you how to safely and effectively use your own fitness equipment, or she can set up a program using her professional gym equipment – it’s up to you!  The goal is to educate, empower and inspire you to make a long-term commitment to your health. Package expires 30 days from date of Fitness Assessment.

KEEP CLIMBING – $800 (you save over $150 then if purchased separately)

If you’re ready to make more of a commitment to long-term health and longevity but have tremendous other demands on your time, then Keep Climbing may be the best choice for you.  In addition to everything in the Base Camp, you’ll receive 12 personal training sessions (minimum of 2 sessions per week but 3 sessions per week recommended). This package expires 60 days from the date of the Fitness Assessment.

THE PEAK – 12-WEEK TRANSFORMATION – $2225 (package saves you $400)

The Peak is your chance to make your hopes and dreams become reality. It’s the way to make a real commitment to a healthier, happier you!  A solid decision leads to commitment; commitment leads to success! If you are ready to watch your body transform, feel and look better, stand taller and stronger, and eat to live, the Peak is your best alternative. In addition to everything you receive in the Base Camp, you’ll receive:

  • Twelve-week cardio program (usually 2-3 personalized programs)
  • Personalized nutrition training and recommendations
  • Thirty-six personal training sessions
  • Repeat Fitness Assessments after completion of 12 and 24 sessions
  • Weight Management Program (3-month)
  • Weekly accountability assessments (15 minutes each

Once you have reached the summit, you will be amazed at how much you have learned, and how dramatically your lifestyle and fitness have been impacted. If you’re serious about making long-lasting changes in your health and fitness, the Peak is the best choice for you! The Peak expires 120 days from the date of the initial Fitness Assessment.


Group training sessions, including circuit training with a focus on two to three muscle groups. Pricing varies with time and number of participants.

Please contact Kendall at (303) 725-1126 or for information on these and other options (including bulk packages and gift certificates).