Image result for free stock fitness photos   GETTING STARTED AND UNDERSTANDING THE BASICS 

Customized for your lifestyle and goals

After identifying health, lifestyle and fitness barriers to overcome, as an ACE-certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant, Kendall will help you recognize the barriers and design plans to assist you in overcoming you them. Then, knowing each client’s body composition and unique training needs, and recognizing what motivates you, she will give you some specific, but simple, guidelines to follow in order to to discover the body you want (and deserve), with the added benefits of looking and feeling better. Peak’s nutrition services will give you essential information and knowledge to understand how nutrition is an integral part to establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


The task of grocery shopping can be all too overwhelming. We may think we are making good food choices, when the reality is that at least some of our choices are working against us. Kendall will accompany you to the grocery store of your choice and help you discover and learn about making good decisions every time you go shopping.  Peak doesn’t just educate you about what to eat, but will show you what to buy!


Nutrition consistency, not perfection, is key to maximizing the results of your fitness program. Understanding what foods and eating patterns are best for you will increase your awareness of the consequences of your nutritional choices – and then will help you implement an approach of moderation rather than deprivation in your eating habits. With Kendall’s guidance and recommendations, you will be able to develop a personalized nutrition program that meets all of your unique nutritional needs. Consultations are typically 60 to 90 minutes in length, take place at the location of your choice, and include a grocery store shopping list of great menu options.


Meet with Kendall at Peak Bodyworks’ gym. Spend about 60 minutes for a thorough consultation with ample opportunities for questions and answers, a complete analysis of your body composition and lifestyle habits and trends, and your very own personalized meal plan tailored to meet your goals and needs.


The reality is that we have one body – and it’s ours for life. The scary truth is that it does matter what you put into your body – sugars, high fat and processed foods all have a direct impact on our body’s function. Feeling sluggish, bloated, fatigued, or all of these, then it’s likely that your body’s nutritional needs are not being met. If you are ready to feel and look better through nutrition, Peak Nutrition is a great option for you and includes:

  • Body fat testing
  • Inches/weight measurements
  • Twelve week goal setting
  • Four weeks of individualized menu planning (prepared as we go through the process)
  • Fifteen-minute weekly telephone consultations (4 total)
  • Personal review of food and activity journals
  • After four weeks, revisit of body weight and inches/weight measurements